Why hire a Decorator or Designer?

We see your space finished and know how to get it there.  We bring the pieces of the puzzle and help put it all together.  Sometimes clients have pieces (of the puzzle), a recently purchased sofa, an heirloom chair or an antique chest, that are a must keep.  These are a part of the puzzle and creating the remainder of the big picture is what we do.

What Services do you provide?

·         Space Plan(s)

·         Renderings / Mock-ups

·         Mood Boards

·         Shopping Lists

·         Finish selections (paint, wallpaper, trim)

·         Any Room Design (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living, Dining, Office)

·         Commercial Office Planning

·         Vendor Recommendations

·         Architectural Services

·         Window Treatments

·         Furniture Selection

·         Vendor Contacts

Why Blue Moon Design?

We are realists.  We understand the daily nuances that affect the way you live, and tailor your space to be the most functional for our clients.  We provide real, affordable, solutions. We value service, have passion for designing but also have transparency and honesty throughout the project.  Reliability is our focus, and we never drop the ball, even down to the tiny minute details. We're here to handle the process and take the burden off you so you can handle your life and your priorities. Plus, we understand the fundamentals of your home, if designed from the ground up we can incorporate the architecture with interior design, which yields the best possible execution.

What Licenses do you hold?

The firm is primarily known for its Architecture (Blue Moon Design).  Established in 1991, the Principals span more than 50 years’ experience.  The firm is certified through the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and licensed to practice in the states of: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, & Vermont.  Members of our team were educated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Boston Architectural College, & the New York Institute of Art & Design.

The Process – “How does it work?”


First, we meet to discuss the scope of the project.  This is just a meet and greet so that we become familiar with one another and talk a bit about the project.  We discuss the room(s) involved, your timeline, budget, goals for the space(s), style, likes & dislikes.  Following our initial meeting, you will receive an email from me with a letter of agreement outlining the scope of services, price and payment schedule.  After we receive a signed agreement and first payment we get going!  Once underway, I take measurements and photo document the space(s).  Soon after you will be presented with a schematic design, including a conceptual floorplan and mood board of furniture and finishes.  Next, we work on the design development & documentation, by fine-tuning the schematic design until it’s decided upon.  We dive product selections, and recommendations based on your timeframe & budget.  Accompanied with renderings that help you visualize the completed space(s).  I provide you with a complete budget, & shopping lists. 

Fee Structure – “What do you charge?”

Our method is a flat percentage based off the overall project cost.  Why?  We do not markup the prices you pay for the products, any sale price or professional discount we receive gets relayed to you, you simply pay net price plus a percentage.  There are times where services are offered at a flat or hourly rate, see below.

What other services do you provide? –  À La Carte Options

Curation & Installation - Given all recommendations I can schedule and oversee implementation of the project.  Contracting services line painters and movers, coordinating furniture deliveries, all within a specific timeline.  Site visits will be made, to overview progress.  This option is dependent on location and travel time, and may not always be available, please inquire. (Offered hourly)

Shopping -  Lets spend a few hours together.  We’ll go to a few show rooms or a few shops to get to see and touch fabrics and finishes.  (Offered hourly)

Styling - Have you moved into your house and, although you have furniture, it still looks vacant?  Nothing you put on your bookshelves, and on the coffee table, look right or appropriate?  Maybe you have a few items but need more to compliment what you already have.  Maybe your rooms aren’t reflective of your personality, your life, your style. And you really want them to.  It’s all about execution, let me help you take your Pinterest board from your desktop to reality. (Offered as a flat fee, per space)